Music services

If you would like to book us, please go to Contact tab and leave your details there. Thank you.

Big Band (18 – 19 pieces) If you are interested in making your next event with big impact, why don’t you hire a Big Band? The Garden City Big Band and All Girl Big Band are available for your next special occasions.

Quartet or Quintet
If you are looking for something groovy and funky make your special day with the upbeat finish but needing a smaller group, why don’t you try the Garden City Combo or the Organic Jazz Band.

Duo or Solo
If you are looking for more subtle background entertainment why don’t you try Sophisticated Lady Jazz Duo? The virtuosic duo will create an atmosphere of classy sophistication and take your event in the next notch elegance.

Accompaniment service

Nanako is specialised in accompanying singers, instrumentalists and choir. Please contact her if you need an accompanist for your group or events.

Transcribing/ Arranging/Composing service

Nanako Sato specialises transcribing, arranging and composing. Her specialities are arranging for the secondary school (High School) bands. If you would like scores for your school band, please contact her. You may need to consult with her about your students’ abilities (e.g. how high and low your students can play, so that she can re-arrange for that)

Available arranged charts:

– Choral works (Popular music)
– Choral works (traditional)
– Jazz band
– Concert band
– Orchestra

Transcription and Copying service

Transcribing music and copying your handwritten music to music notation score service is available. Please go to contact tab and send us your details.

note: please give her one-week notice so that she can accommodate with other jobs.

Ukulele Tutorials

If you are interested in learning the Ukulele, please follow my tutorial videos below.